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Mind Developers is an organization with a distinct blend of competent professionals and self-motivated excellence driven individuals. We have people well trained in the use of the English Language and its expressions. We also have management consultants and lecturers in some of Nigeria’s foremost Universities on board, just to mention a few. Our special blend of competent professionals, experienced educators and resource persons gives us the competitive edge in the industry.

Rev. Wills Diamen: A seasoned graphics artist and web designer. He also is an accomplished manager of human resources with over 20 years experience.

Mrs. C. Wills-Diamen: She is the COO of the organization and one of the very best English diction teacher, a field she has studied profoundly. She has over 18 year experience teaching the English Language. She is the author of 9 diction books (the Interactive Phonics Series) used in many schools in Nigeria.

He is a key member in our business idea initiative department. He is currently studying in Mauritius and has been key in the new business development arm of our organization. He also handles part of our Video editing training and well as help us in organizing youth empowerment and skill development and discovery programs for Nigerian youths.

Mind Developers is a multi-facets business and we are proud to have a growing structure that works very well with our business philosophy. We believe in doing great things with the little we have and we are doing it. We are also opened to new business ideas.
English Diction Training: We are involved in helping individuals, schools and corporate organizations improve the spoken and written English of its members of staff and students. Below are a few of what we can help organizations and schools achieve.
• Train individuals, teachers and students to speak the English language fluently.
• Read fluently using the right stress and intonation.
• Develop a good listening and speaking skills.
• Pronounce words using the right sounds and symbols.
• Train people on how to communicate effectively.
We already have achieved great success with many institution and our books are available for purchase as well as been used to teach English diction in many schools.
E-business and I.T. Services: We run a highly specialize Information Technology and computer based arm also. We host and build websites, run one of Nigeria’s most successful BULKSMS portals, supply branded computer systems, Tablets, High end phones and digital cameras. We also run a professional training program that is turning out highly qualified website designers every year.
Study Abroad for Nigerian Program: Nigeria is Africa’s most populated country, with well over 35 million ready to be schooled young people seeking quality uninterrupted education opportunity at a reasonable cost. Every year close to 2million Nigerian are denied the chance to go into the university and we have very few universities and higher institutions to accommodate the growing number of school ready youths.
This is why Mind Developer has partnered with some schools outside Nigeria to help with an alternative to the difficulties of getting educated in Nigeria. With links to schools in UK, Canada, Ghana and Europe we are becoming a force in this industry too in Nigeria.
Printing & Publication: We run a very excellent publishing and printing business. From design to finished product, we deliver high quality all the time. Our clients are always satisfied with our services and we always ensure our clients get quality and creativity with every job we do.
Idea development: We help people with idea reach their objectives with practical monthly classes that inspire growth and provide answers to questions. This is our free service and our way of giving back to society.
Upcoming Business Initiatives: We have some other areas of business interest that we are hoping to explore in the very nearest future. Below is preview into some of these business initiatives:
• Agriculture: We have our eyes on the agric sector and have begun to tread into that line of business. Our hope is to have one of the biggest plantations in Africa, producing plantains for Nigeria and the international market.
• Real estate: We have a dream of building estates for rentage, this we hope will help solve the problem of accommodation in Nigerian urban cities. We hope to build residential apartment for people to live in at a good price.
• School Projects: We are working towards owning very standard schools that will provide outstanding education for our youth at the most affordable price. We believe that we can run a successful educational service at a good price thereby affording the lower and middle class families in Nigeria the opportunity to get quality primary education.
3D animation & Video Editing: We train and do the business of video editing and 3D animation. We are blessed with wizards in these craft that are at the industry‘s cutting edge. Mind Developer training school is the best place to come to learn 3D animation and video editing.


2, Efon Alaye st, Off Akinsanya st, Taiwo B/stop, Ojodu-Berger, Lagos, Nigeria


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Phone: 08024576255, 07057707362, 08099926403


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